Paul Evans Made A Clean Campaign Promise While His Friends Launched Ugly Attacks on His Behalf

The race in Oregon House District 20 which incorporates parts of South Salem, West Salem, Independence, and Monmouth, has become one of the most targeted races in the state. Two-term Democrat incumbent Paul Evans is in a tight race with Dr. Selma Pierce, a retired dentist, community activist and wife of former Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bud Pierce. As election day nears, the mudslinging has predictably increased.

In late July, attention was brought to the fact that Paul Evans has violated election finance laws, 111 times over 4 years. Evans responded to his record of violating election finance laws 111 times by stating that attack ads are classless and “bad politics.” Certainly, it’s not uncommon for candidates to cite a dislike for negative attacks on their record, but when push comes to shove, does Evans practice what he preaches on attack ads?

Evans, in a recent neighborhood association meeting, ranted about the claims that have been laid against him. He countered ads against claiming he refuses to respond in kind: “Here’s the thing, I’m not going to do that”. During that very event, a negative commercial was airing on television paid for by Evan’s allies in Salem.

Is it possible that Paul Evans was untruthful with voters, proving he’s a career politician will say whatever he thinks will win him votes?

Over the past two weeks, Democratic funders such as Future PAC and the Democratic Party of Oregon have funneled over $100,000 in in-kind contributions to Paul Evans. Democrats view House District 20 as a must-win seat. How far will they go to try and keep it in the Democratic column?