Dorchester Update: Delegate’s Issues

My inaugural post, and it’s all about the Delegate’s issue here at Dorchester. To say the least, the issues that came out in today’s delegate issue discussion were somewhat contentious. From talking about the Real ID act and a potential repeal (and whether there is support or not), to radical envirnomentalist prosecution, to the support of Cities, Families, Education, and Natural resources (as a connector), the people are passionate about the issues.

These people here at Dorchester are educated on the issues, and there is a lot going on to get those ideas out. We just have to wait to see which issues are going to be brought to the forefront, and we’ll update this post in a couple hours when we get the topic (and maybe even a nice comment from this blogger.)

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UPDATE: This year, the Delegates will be discussing the issue of the Repeal of the Real ID Act and the State’s potential refusal to follow federal law. Let me just state my prediction on this: This is going to probably be either a lopsided debate, or entirely contentious. Either way, it’s going to be a fun ride…and I’ll be here to tell you about it.