Oregon debuts 20 new taxes in a single day

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

There is a hike in the corporate minimum tax for just surviving in as a business in Oregon. There is the stealing of the people’s income tax Kicker Refund. There is changing the limits on how high your home property tax or your business property tax can be raised. There are new beer and wine taxes and the a tax increase for the hotel you enjoy the beer and wine at.  New vaping tax and a cigar tax increase.

Below is a short list of some of the tax plans they are proposing

SJR 3 – Direct kicker to the Education Stability Fund (Joint Resolution)
SB 209 – Creates a $10K homestead exemption
SB 208 – Increases the progressivity of the corporation minimum tax
SB 189 – Modifies tax expenditure definition
Sb 214 – Change income tax connection point
SJR 1 – Requires Legislature to ensure property taxes are equitable and fairly apportioned (Joint Resolution)
HJR 4 – Tax business property at RMV (Joint Resolution)
Hb 2167 – Tax business property at RM
HB 2166 – Local government data access (Lodging Tax)
HJR 3 – Sets MAV equal to RMV for business property (Joint Resolution)
HJR 2 – Assesses residential property above $1M at real market value (Joint Resolution)
HB 2161 – Limits property tax exemption to charity care amounts for hospitals and health clinics
HB 2160 – Extends minimum tax to all corporation selling in to Oregon
HB 2159 – Imposes tax on vaping products
HB 2158 – Removes per cigar tax limit
HB 2157 – Removes the on‐time discount for business property taxes
HB 2156 – Increases corporate income tax rates
Hb 2146 – Increases the S‐corporate minimum tax
Hb 2145 – Increases the C‐corporation tax rates
HB 2125 – Increases beer and wine taxes
HB 2123 – Add vaping products to other Tobacco

— Full list of tax plans introduced in a single day…Here and Here. Expect updates to this list.

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