Oregon pay equity creating inequities

Oregon‘s Pay Equity
Lars Larson transcript,
NW based national talk show host

Elections have consequences. I’m not sure those words will give much comfort to more than a thousand people at Portland City Hall who just found out they get zero pay raises this year. You see, two years ago lawmakers in Salem, most of them liberal Democrats, passed a law unanimously guaranteeing pay equity. Felt good. Seems they believed that some workers, mostly women and minorities, were not getting the right sized check.

City Hall surveyed all the salaries of all the workers and found out 70% of non union workers were getting too much. That should mean a pay cut, but government doesn’t actually work that way. So they get a pay freeze while others get a bump in pay, and the “Daily Dead Fish Wrapper” says some get both – literally! A raise that puts them above what they deserve and a freeze at the same time. See if you can figure that out. Since many of those who work in government are also Democrats, I find the irony delicious. It’s one thing to talk about pay equity and liberal convictions, it’s entirely different when it changes the numbers on your check. Well, liberals keep repeating that Obama mantra, “elections have consequences “ – all the way to the bank.