Why the $2 billion school bonus may go bust

How do we solve our broken education system?

Lars Larson transcript,
NW based national talk show host

Politicians always find it popular to propose more school funding. Governor Insley of Washington whants another 4 billion on top of the 5 billion already authorized.

Oregon’s Governor Brown asks for 2 billion more.

Studies of education shows more money doesn’t deliver better results. Here’s the proof. Washington added 10 billion to education in just the last six years. Nearly 70% more and test scores – stayed flat. Oregon has similar experience today both states spend about $14,000 per student per year. More than the cost of college. But dropout rates stay high, and grades stay low.

For party politicians like Jay and Kate, those dollars buy lots of friends among unions, government workers, and Democrat voters.

If you want to improve schools, you need to change education, not compensation. But Insley and Brown figure you don’t really need all that money you have in your paycheck, and they are ready to fleece you let them.