The Boy Who Cried Racist

What a mess they have in Virginia. Let’s review the bidding. The current governor, Ralph Northam, (D-VA) has been accused of being a racist based on a photograph of a man in black face and another person in a Ku Klux Klan hood and robe that appeared on “his page” in a medical school yearbook thirty-five years ago. The lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax (D-VA) has been accused of sexual assault and rape by two women in 2000 and 2004. Attorney general, Mark Herring (D-VA), has likewise been accused of racism by virtue of having worn black face in a musical competition some thirty plus years ago. Be assured, this is a mess of their own making.

But something good has come of all of this. And that something good is that the favorite tool of the liberal/progressives – race baiting – has been over used so much that it has lost its punch. It is literally the modern equivalent of the “boy who cried wolf.” Post-modernism, as embraced by the liberal/progressive wing of the Democrat Party – and that includes virtually the entire power structure of elected Democrat officials – casts aside any recognition of factual truth on the basis that it is inherently biased. Instead, everyone has their own truth. You may remember the light-weight junior senator from New Jersey, Cory Booker (D-NJ), declaring that he believed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s “truth” when she accused now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault based upon an alleged incident said to have occurred some thirty-five years ago without requiring a single verifiable supporting fact. An accusation is sufficient “truth.” No trial, no proof – an accusation is more than sufficient to invoke punishment. And the punishment is to be driven from office and labeled a  a sexual predator forever. (I make a significant distinction between the accusation of racist and that of rapist – a point we will discuss later.)

For liberal/progressives the mere fact that someone claims a “fact” makes that “fact” true – regardless of the lack of evidence or even in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The result is that it is more important for your “truth” to be popular than to be factual. But people have become jaded to the accusations of “racist.” I mean, really, do you really think that everyone who disagrees with the Rev. Al Sharpton is a racist? Do you really think that the entire membership of the Republican Party is racist? Do you really think a man who vilifies Jews on the one hand is capable of determining whether someone is racist on the other?

Truly this has become a conversation between four-year olds.

Timmy: You’re a racist.

Tommy: I know you are but what am I?

Timmy: You’re a racist.

Tommy: I know you are but what am I?

It just makes you tired just to listen to these morons. Do you think that Gov. Northam is a racist? Really? My goodness, he has spent the last twenty years learning the slogans of the liberal/progressive wing of the Democrat Party. He has spent at least that many years condemning every act, real or imagined, that could possibly be deemed insensitive. He has voted for bills and appropriations that feed the welfare state for fear of being branded a racist. He is your prototypical liberal/progressive, finding fault with others on behalf of those with whom he would never socialize. He is one of the elite – certain of his virtue, self-demonstrative of his “caring” and blinded by his self-righteousness. He is a know-it-all who should shut up and start listening to people instead of the media and other politicians.

If you want to throw him out of office for supporting infanticide, I’m good. If you want to throw him out of office for being a smug prig, I’m good with that too. But if you want to throw him out of for being a racist, you’re an idiot – oh, and I mean that in the most sincere, non-specific, gender-neutral, and non-binary way I can muster. Bite me.

But the lieutenant governor, Mr. Fairfax is a different story. Accusations of rape and sexual assault are serious business – they are not just campaign fodder to be tossed around and taken lightly. They are not based on someone’s willingness to take offense on behalf of strangers. Sexual assault is the most personal invasion that one can experience – short of death.

Are Mr. Fairfax’s accusers entitled to be believed? No, they are entitled to be heard, to be allowed to present the facts that support their accusations and, thereafter, to be believed based on the facts -–not the accusations. It does not appear that Mr. Fairfax can be successfully impeached because the alleged assaults occurred before his election as lieutenant governor and therefore did not occur during his service in public office. But he can be criminally prosecuted – the statute of limitations on sexual assault (sexual abuse) in Virginia is twenty years while there is no statute of limitations for rape. In either instance, the statutes of limitation have not yet run. Mr. Fairfax should be investigated, charged if warranted, and prosecuted. A conviction will result in his removal from public office.

But the accusations against Mr. Fairfax bring another salutary effect. It demonstrates what happens when the Democrat Party absorbs a legitimate advocacy group with an important message. The #MeToo movement originally sought to cast daylight on the dark sexual mores of the rich and powerful – particularly in politics and the entertainment industry. But now that the Democrats have compromised that movement, you can expect outrage will only surface if it doesn’t compromise some other element of the special interest conglomerate that now constitutes the Democrat Party. Now it is mostly just about politics – not about embracing the victims of sexual assault.

But what about Attorney General Herring? What about him? If you think wearing black face thirty-five years ago in a talent contest should be a disqualification for public office then you are an idiot and you should be roundly and publicly humiliated – because that is what you are doing with claims of racism – attempting to humiliate. And in the process you are diminishing the evil of the real racists who seek to condemn people solely on the basis of their ethnicity – people like Sheriff Bull Connors, Gov. George Wallace, President Woodrow Wilson, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Al Sharpton, newly elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and the list can go on for Democrats and Republicans alike.

So in the end, my suggestion is that you should stop fearing the accusations of those who pander to political correctness. If you are accused of being a racist for some act innocently undertaken thirty years ago your response should be:

“I get it, but I got over it. And you sir or madam are an idiot and you will never get over that.”