Does Jennifer Brownlee want to represent Happy Valley or become a career politician?

By Northwest Spotlight —

A Facebook group formed in January 2017 called “The Liberal Ladies of Happy Valley” was formed in Happy Valley under the direction of Jennifer Brownlee, who is seeking an appointment the Happy Valley City Council. The Facebook group was created to discuss current events and advance progressive agendas in Happy Valley (which they have every right to do).

Unfortunately, the group has become a haven for hateful and racist rhetoric that has demonized those of Hispanic descent, local elected officials in her community, and against local business owners. Brownlee’s rhetoric and divisiveness are evident in screenshots obtained from the Facebook group.

By no small coincidence, Jennifer Brownlee is also now part of this year’s Emerge Oregon class. Emerge Oregon is a candidate training program dedicated to elevating liberal women to elected office.

In the Facebook group mentioned above, Jennifer Brownlee is quoted saying, “As an aside, I find it hilarious that she only brought in “Chavez” when she was running for state office.” This is false. Former Mayor Lori Chavez-DeRemer’s full legal name is Lori Chavez-DeRemer, and she used her full name during her run for Happy Valley Mayor. This isn’t just a personal attack against Chavez-DeRemer but all those of Hispanic descent.

Brownlee has also engaged in baseless namecalling against women like Chavez-DeRemer. She referred to her as being “insane” without presenting any evidence to back the use of such a derogatory term.

Jennifer Brownlee seems more focused on putting down and harassing those in the community that don’t hold her narrow views than she has in representing her community.

This type of divisive rhetoric has become a trend amongst the far left of the Democratic Party, such as Michigan Congresswoman Rashia Tlaib’s outlandish speech saying “we’re gonna impeach the mother***ker [Trump’]”.

The question residents of Happy Valley must answer: is Jennifer Brownlee truly capable of representing the diverse community of Happy Valley, or is she merely using Happy Valley as a stepping stone to advance a political career among the far left elements of the Democrat Party?