Carbon Tax Statewide Hearings: Please show up!

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Urgent Alert!!! — The politicians are hosting several statewide hearings on HB 2020 which is a massive $600 million carbon tax that will raise gas prices by 16 cents and natural gas prices by 11%.

Similar carbon schemes in other states have killed people’s jobs, drove up costs and created poverty.

Here is the schedule.

Springfield: Friday, February 22 – Springfield City Hall, Council Chamber (12pm-3pm)

Medford: Saturday, February 23 – Central Medford High School, Auditorium (9am-12pm)

Remote: Monday, February 25 – Remote testimony (live video feed from various rural locations), Oregon State Capitol (TBD)

The Dalles: Friday, March 1 – The Dalles Civic Auditorium, Community Room (12pm-3pm)

Bend: Saturday, March 2 – Central Oregon Community College, Cascade Hall, Room 246-248 (9am-12pm)

Information on the tax.