Are new taxes really going to Oregon schools?

Lars Larson transcript,
NW based national talk show host

You want death and taxes and lies? All three are manufactured in mass quantities down at the state legislature.

Just consider a few of the things Oregon lawmakers have in mind right now. They want to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers, now protected by the state constitution. That’s the “kicker”. At the same time, they plan to raise taxes on those same Oregonians by a couple of billion dollars. They tell us it’s for schools and public service. Of course they don’t mention that the majority of that money goes to the pensions of cops and teachers who aren’t even on the job any more, they are already retired. Your kids and your community get nothing. At the same time, they want to make doctor assisted suicide easier, so euthanasia ain’t far away. And to cap it off, they have an eye on picking your pocket, state lawmakers plan to fatten their own. Lawmakers want a 63% pay raise, promising we’d get better lawmakers if we just paired them more. So, they plan to boost their cheques to more than $50K a year for a part time, mostly low performance job.