HB 3427: $2 billion business sales tax advances

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The $2 Billion business sales tax (HB 3427) was voted out of Committee and is moving to the House floor.

HB 3427 is a $2 billion biannual business sales tax. This will be a hidden sales tax so the customer—you and me and our neighbors—won’t see the tax added to our receipts. Furthermore, businesses will be taxed on their sales, not profits. This means businesses will be taxed even when they are losing money, making it even harder for honest businesses to grow and persevere through tough times.

Under HB 3427, businesses would be paying a 0.57% tax on their sales within Oregon above $1 million. There are exemptions of Groceries, gas, hospitals and long-term care businesses. Businesses are allowed to subtract 35% of their labor or capital costs from total sales.

Based on similar taxes, this $2 billion business sales tax could potentially cost an average family $600 per year. Again, businesses will be forced to charge higher costs for everyday items such as clothing and other home goods.

– Prices will go up
– Many businesses will close
– Many business will leave
– Small businesses and lower income people will be hurt by the higher prices

Tell your State Representative to vote no on HB 3427

#1. Call your lawmaker toll-free 1-800-332-2313

1. Tell the Capitol operator (Officially they’re called Legislative Policy & Research staff) that you wish to speak to your State Senator.
2. Provide the operator the name of your Senator. If you don’t know, provide the operator with your address so
the operator can look up your address to determine who your State Senator is.
3. Once the operator connects you to your Senators office, tell your Senator which of the four taxes above you oppose.
4. After you call, you can call back and ask to speak to your State Representative and repeat the process.

#2. Email your lawmaker

1. Go to www.OregonLegislature.gov
2. Click the “Senate” tab at the top left. Then click “All Senators”
3. Find your Senator’s name. Find their email and send them an email on the tax you oppose.
Don’t know your State Senator? Call the Capitol 1-800-322-2313 and ask for help. They’re very helpful.
4. Repeat process for State Representative (Click “House” tab. Find your State Representative, etc.)

#3. Spread the word

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