4 Big Taxes likely to pass in next 40 days

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Here are the four big taxes that the Oregon State Legislature is most likely going to pass in the next 40 days.

1. Crushing fragile homeowners by gutting mortgage deductions (HB 3349)

If passed, House Bill 3349 would rip away home mortgage interest deductions for many Oregonians. This effects families across the state:

Oregon homeowners already pay higher property taxes than the average state. By making our high property taxes even higher, they will force people out of their homes.

2. 16-cent gas tax—not a penny for roads (Carbon Tax HB 2020)

House Bill 2020 proposes a massive $600 million Carbon Tax that would increase gas prices by 16 cents and home utility prices by 11% Small businesses may see their utility bill go up by 50%! Spiking both gas and utility prices at the same time will cause the prices of groceries and other goods to soar. Businesses that rely on transporting goods will be forced to raise their prices to cover the rise in overhead costs. The cost to drive to work, drop your daughter off at soccer practice, or bring your elderly parent to a medical appointment will all soar.

The politicians acknowledge this gas tax will cause a significant burden—so much so that they are considering providing low-income earners special tax rebates to offset the spike in grocery costs that this tax will cause.

All of us will pay higher gas prices, but—unbelievably or, maybe, to completely predictable!—none of the tax money will go to fixing roads. Rather, these funds will likely be directed to environmental slush fund projects, like subsiding solar panels for big private corporations and lavish government job salaries.

3. Abolishing your “kicker” tax refunds forever (SJR 23)

Currently being considered by the state legislature, Senate Joint Resolution 23 threatens to allow the government to keep any excess state taxes it collected from you. The “kicker” tax refund was approved by Oregon voters decades ago and requires lawmakers to return over-collected tax revenue to those who paid it. Makes sense, doesn’t it?! The average Oregon Kicker Tax Refund in 2020 will be $336. Some taxpayers have overpaid as much as $3,000. SJR 23 is attempting to eliminate our “kicker” tax refunds forever. This is not only wrong, but tantamount to theft, and it must be stopped dead in its tracks.

4. $2 Billion business sales tax (HB 3427)

HB 3427 is a $2 billion biannual business sales tax. Based on similar taxes, this $2 billion business sales tax could potentially cost an average family $600 per year. Again, businesses will be forced to charge higher costs for everyday items such as clothing and other home goods.

This will be a hidden sales tax so the customer—you and me and our neighbors—won’t see the tax added to our receipts. Furthermore, businesses will be taxed on their sales, not profits. This means businesses will be taxed even when they are losing money, making it even harder for honest businesses to grow and persevere through tough times.


#1. Call your lawmaker toll-free 1-800-332-2313

1. Tell the Capitol operator (Officially they’re called Legislative Policy & Research staff) that you wish to speak to your State Senator.
2. Provide the operator the name of your Senator. If you don’t know, provide the operator with your address so
the operator can look up your address to determine who your State Senator is.
3. Once the operator connects you to your Senators office, tell your Senator which of the four taxes above you oppose.
4. After you call, you can call back and ask to speak to your State Representative and repeat the process.

#2. Email your lawmaker

1. Go to www.OregonLegislature.gov
2. Click the “Senate” tab at the top left. Then click “All Senators”
3. Find your Senator’s name. Find their email and send them an email on the tax you oppose.
Don’t know your State Senator? Call the Capitol 1-800-322-2313 and ask for help. They’re very helpful.
4. Repeat process for State Representative (Click “House” tab. Find your State Representative, etc.)

#3. Spread the word

— Thanks to social media it costs you nothing and it helps us reach over 40,000 Oregonians.  Please email this article, Tweet it, Link it, Facebook Like it and print it out.

#4. Donate so we can reach more people.

Our record in fighting taxes is impressive:

– We started this year off by being the first ones to uncover and sound the alarm online on the dozens of new taxes proposed by lawmakers.

– Since then, nearly every two weeks we have been down at the State Capitol testifying in public against these new tax bills.

On Feb 11th, our lobbyist, Tootie Smith, testified in State Capitol against the 7% cell-phone tax.

– Our outreach is working. One of our very popular cartoons of Governor Kate Brown linked to an article that shed light on the details of her new taxes was “liked” on Facebook 22,000 times. People love to share what we have to say.  Read article here.

– In April, we showed up at a tax hearing at the state legislature with a petition signed by 4,000 Oregonians opposing new taxes on beer, wine, tobacco and soda drinks.

Those petitions made a 16-foot wide wall.

– This month we also alerted 25,000 Oregonians by mail with a warning about the $2 billion business sales tax.

You may have seen the postcard.

— We’ve been fighting for you and lower taxes for 20 years.

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