Scorecard: Who voted for $2 billion business sales tax

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Oregon House of Representatives voted for a $2 billion business sales tax (HB 3427).

The floor debate was interesting.  The liberal politicians said they needed the multi-billion dollar tax because education has been underfunded for decades — despite the state budget growing faster than population and inflation for 30 years and Oregon spending more per capita than 36 other states.

Here are the lawmakers and their vote on the $2 billion business sales tax (HB 3427).

Passed. Ayes, 37;
Teresa Alonso Leon (D), Janelle Bynum (D), Brian Clem (D), Margarte Doherty (D), Paul Evans (D), Julie Fahey (D), David Gomberg (D), Chris Gorsek (D), Mitch Greenlick (D), Ken Helm (D), Diego Hernandez (D), Paul Holvey (D), Alissa Keny-Guyer (D), Tina Kotek (D), John Lively (D), Pam Marsh (D), Caddy McKeown (D), Susan McLain (D), Mark Meek (D), Tiffany Mitchell (D), Nancy Nathanson (D), Courtney Neron (D), Rob Nosse (D), Carla Piluso (D), Karin Power (D), Rachel Prusak (D), Dan Rayfield (D), Jeff Reardon (D), Andreea Salina (D), Tawna Sanchez (D), Sher Schouten (D), Barbara Smith Warner (D), Janeen Sollman (D), Marty Wilde (D), Anna Williams (D), Jennifer Williamson (D),Brad Witt (D).

Nays, 21–
Greg Barreto (R), Denyc Boles (R), Danile Bonham (R), Shelly Boshart Davis (R), Christine Drazan (R), Lynn Findley (R), Cedric Hayden (R), Cheri Helt (R), Gary Leif (R), Rick Lewis (R), Mike McLane (R), Mike Nearman (R), Ron Noble (R), Bill Post (R), E. Werner Reschke (R), David Brock Smith (R), Greg Smith (R), Duane Stark (R), Kim Wallan (R), Carl Wilson (R), Jack Zika (R);

Excused 2–
Jeff Barker (D),
Sherrie Sprenger (R)

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