Crime, what crime?

Let me point out a pattern.

This week, lawmakers in Salem appear ready to pass a bill that will lets the Governor pardon any murder, any rape, any assault and wipe out all records it every happened.

The Governors of Oregon and Washington already refuse to enforce the death penalty.

Multnomah county built a 60 million dollar jail a decade ago and now its gonna be torn down, never used. King County’s executive has vowed to keep a brand new Juve Jail empty. Jackson County commissioners don’t want a new jail…preferring to let loose criminals on our neighborhoods.

Police in Oregon and Washington are instructed NOT to help catch criminal aliens.

The legislature has decriminalized methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine and the legalization of pot has spurred illegal exports of marijuana that the Oregon State police estimates at $1 billion dollars a year

And this week, the Oregon Supreme Court overturns half a century of legal precedent: When you set your garbage can out at the curb, you’ve abandoned that trash. That has always meant that the cops can check your refuse for evidence of crimes. Heck, I’ve been along for successful drug raids built on a case made from methamphetamine recipes criminals are foolish to throw out.

The legislature has ordered prisons to stop calling convicts, convicts or even inmates. Instead, they’re “adults in custody”. I only wish there were some adults in the ranks of our so called state leaders.