Linthicum walks united with Oregonians

Senate Republican Whip Dennis Linthicum released the following statement on representing his constituents in the Senate walkout:

“My district is saying loudly and clearly that they want Republicans to take a strong stand against the Democrat agenda.

“I stand with hard working, law abiding Oregonians who deserve a legislature that respects its constituents rather than ramming through new taxes & regulations while kicking the can of PERS down the road.

“The good folks in Senate District 28 have called and written with their heartfelt pleas to vote against a slew of Democrat proposals.

“First, medical professionals, families, veterans, Moms and Dads oppose the mandatory vaccine bill, HB 3063. They deserve protection against this government overreach into their lives and simply desire Medical Freedom.

“Law enforcement, sportsmen, hunters and law-abiding gun owners have also risen up to voice their adamant opposition to the egregious anti-gun bill, Senate Bill 978. SB 978 will only restrict and regulate law-abiding gun owners and will actually minimize our safety in public spaces and restrict our ability to defend ourselves.

“We all care deeply about the education of our children, but HB 3427, is not the answer. Unfortunately, it is in reality nothing but a bailout of PERS, disguised as an education funding bill. Agriculture, small businesses, Oregon Taxpayer Association, NFIB and countless others have shared the dire outcomes of this heavy sales tax known as a ‘gross receipts tax.’ This outrageous tax is on the gross receipts not on net profits of hardworking entrepreneurs. House Bill 3427 will only serve to drive businesses out of Oregon.

“My office receives a constant stream of concerned citizens who feel they will have no choice but to leave our beautiful state if House Bill 2020, the so-called cap and trade proposal, and House Bill 2007 the anti-diesel bill are passed. These two bills will devastate agriculture with burdensome taxes and regulations and dramatically raise the cost of living on all who choose to live and work in our wide-open rural areas.

“Lastly, loggers, farmers and ranchers are the original environmentalists – they take care of their land because it is their livelihood and the health and safety of their operation depends on their stewardship.

“I will continue to work for all Oregonians to fix PERS, fund schools, and allow our communities to grow and prosper with lower taxes, less regulations and more freedom!”