Senate Republicans Stand Up for Voters and Businesses in Denying Democrats a Quorum

Today, Oregon Senate Republicans stood up for voters and businesses by denying Democrats a quorum to vote on HB 3427, a backdoor gross receipts sales tax disguised as an education funding bill.

Led by Senate Republican Leader, Herman Baertschiger, Jr. (R-Grants Pass), the Republican caucus has proven its desire to work for the people of Oregon by providing a quorum yesterday May 6. The caucus has walked out of the legislature today because it is one of the only tools the minority party has to call attention to this legislation that has moved through the process at warp speed.

“Education is a top priority for Republicans, and I am confident we can fund our schools and solve the state’s PERS crisis without crucifying businesses, like HB 3427 will,” said Senator Baertschiger, Jr. “The reason we are taking the stance of walking out is because it is the only tool we have to draw attention to the injustices of this legislation on Oregon voters and businesses.”

The Senate Republican leadership is currently in talks with the majority party leadership with the hope that HB 3427 moves back to committee.

“My job is to get this horribly written bill back to committee and it’s the business leaders’ jobs to fix it,” Senator Baertschiger, Jr. said.