Poll Shows Public’s Choices on Oil Alternatives

Below is a press release poll from Moore Information on energy options. Please read entire poll here:

“As you may know, the United States depends on foreign countries for oil. In your opinion, which one of the following is the best way to reduce our reliance on foreign oil?”

Develop alternative energy sources like ethanol/biodiesel 44%
Allow more drilling for oil & gas in the U.S., Alaska and off the coasts 25%
Increase conservation and recycling 11%
Build more nuclear power plants 7%
Build more natural gas plants 3%
Build more coal-fired plants 2%
All 4%
Don’t know/none 2%
Other 1%

With global warming and fluctuating oil prices taking center stage these days, our dependence on foreign oil has become a larger concern among the electorate nationwide. In our recent national survey, we explored voter attitudes toward reducing our dependency on foreign oil. We used a split sample methodology, in which our sample of 800 voters nationwide was split into two equally representative samples of 400 voters.

One sample was asked to choose which of six general approaches they believed would be most effective in reducing U.S. reliance on foreign oil and the other group was asked more specific ways to address the problem. Perhaps, not surprisingly, when we ask the general question the leading response is “development of alternative energy sources like ethanol and biodiesel.” In fact, more than four-in-ten voters nationwide (44%) believe this is the best way to reduce our dependency. The next most popular approach is to “allow more drilling for oil and gas in the U.S., Alaska and off the coasts” (25%). Four other potential approaches failed to generate much enthusiasm, including “increasing conservation and recycling” (11%), “building more nuclear power plants” (7%), “building more natural gas plants” (3%) and “building more coal-fired plants” (2%).

Please read entire poll here: