SB 761 bans online petition efforts

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

It has been legal for nearly a decade for Oregon voters to download Oregon petitions where they can print them on their home printer, sign them and mail them in to the chief petitioner.   They are called single -signer online petitions sheets and have allowed voters to participate in democracy — especially disabled and senior voters who are home bound.

SB 761 aims to revoke this rule and censor the use of the internet in allowing people to download petitions.   SB 761 (-3 amendments) description is “Eliminates Secretary of State’s authority to issue templates for electronic petition signature sheets, until January 2023. Declares emergency,effective on passage.”

This blocking online petition programs comes immediately after people began organizing a petition drive to repeal the $2 billion dollar tax.

The speedy rush to pass SB 761-3 is designed to block voters from democracy and voicing their opinion using the people’s petition process.   SB 761-3 is designed to block a public vote on the $2 billion dollar tax.  Notice the bill uses an EMERGENCY CLAUSE!   There is no emergency, only a rush to silence voters.

The hearing is set for Monday in the Senate Committee on Rules at 1:00.

Contact your lawmaker on this SB 761!!!

Show up at the Monday hearing.

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