Deadline Alert – No Fake Emergency petition close!

emg-nofake-piechart-toonBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The good news is that the petition to protect your Right to Vote on bad laws by ending Emergency Clause abuse has gathered over 115,000 signatures.   The bad news is that the campaign is 4,300 signatures short of the June goal.

The deadline is June 29th to get it in the mail (in time for us to process them).  The fact that this year alone, Governor Kate Brown passed nearly 70% of all bills with an emergency clause even though there is no emergency to justify most of these bills and the fake emergency had the effect of blocking our ability to repeal their bad law.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to end this abuse by politicians who are engaged in rampant abuse of our rights as voters.

Please help us gather 4,300 signatures in the next 20 days.

  • Turn in any outstanding petitions immediately.
  • Email your friends to go to download a
    printable petition sheet from their own home.
  • Request a new petition sheet at to help gather
    5 more names — We need it, every bit helps and it’s not too late.

With your help we can stop politicians from stuffing bad bills with Fake Emergency clauses which help block your Right to Vote on their bad laws.