Lars Larson: War on Oregon initiative process

Larson Larson,
National radio host

117 years ago, voters in Oregon approved the initiative process and put it in the state Constitution.  Simply put, it allows voters to make laws, revoke laws and amend laws and the Constitution itself.

    In the last 3 decades, Democrats in office have waged war on the initiative (SOS Bill Bradbury is a prime example)…and by extension on the rights of voters.  Simply put, elites in office don’t like you grubby fingered citizens making laws…or revoking what the legislature does.

    Last week, lawmakers passed the largest ever tax increase in state history.  They know it’s enormously unpopular and that it will kill jobs and businesses.

     Even the Daily Dead Fishwrapper figures it’s certain to get a spot on the ballot…and i figure voters will kill this nonsense.

     So, lawmakers plan a rush job to pass Senate Bill 761 to make it harder to get the signatures they need to approve the initiative.  For ten years its been legal for voters to download a petition signature sheet…sign it and send it in.  No problems at all with that.

     Now that lawmakers have approved this crazy new tax…they don’t want voters to get a chance to revoke it.

     Folks, you are losing your rights to be represented and to revoke the actions of those who represent you when they go too far.