Senator Betsy Johnson on Mainstreet Politics podcast with Daniel Bonham

By Representative Daniel Bonham —

My greatest challenge as a citizen legislator is education. If the question was about installing a stove pipe, I am your guy. If the question is “How does one become an effective legislator?”, I am self-aware to know that I am NOT your guy but I am ready to listen and learn. I am truly grateful for all of the legislative veterans that have shared their time and expertise with a lowly rookie legislator from rural Oregon. Your generosity is truly appreciated!

One of titans that has been exceedingly generous with her time has been Sen. Betsy Johnson (D-Scappoose). To call her a hero is an understatement. If I am half the legislator as her by the time I leave, I’ve have done something right. Recently, she sat down with our office and shared some of her history and insight.

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