Democrat State Rep. compares Senate GOP to terrorists

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By Northwest Spotlight —

Oregon Democrats tempers are high after Senate Republicans walked out to prevent passage of devastating carbon tax legislation (HB 2020).

There have been dueling press releases, speeches, rallies, and plenty of social media posts.

State Rep. Paul Evans (D-Monmouth) took things to a new low by comparing Senate Republicans to terrorists.

Lest you think this is all some sort of misunderstanding, Willamette Week confirmed this interpretation.

“There is nothing that could bring me back to Salem and provide a vote to grant the super-majority quorum in light of their members comparing Republicans to terrorists,” Thatcher said in a statement.
State Rep. Paul Evans (D-Salem) did make that comparison today on Twitter.

Nigel Jaquiss for Willamette Week

Evans has yet to retract his comment, and doubled down on them later that same day.

I’m sorry if my comments hit too close to home.

Rep. Paul Evans on Twitter