A night to honor the heroic GOP Senators July 3rd

A night to honor the heroic GOP Senators
Oregon Executive Club
7:00 pm Wed. July 3rd
Portland Airport Shilo Inn
Event is free. Dinner option available.

The monthly Oregon Executive Club will honoring the Magnificent 11 Republican State Senators on Wednesday July 3rd at the Portland Airport Shilo Inn.

Keynote speaker will be State Senator Chuck Thomsen!!!  (Other Senators have been invited and may be present).

Senator Chuck Thomsen will be sharing what it was like being in the middle of the storm and in making a public stand that ignited a public uprising and outpouring of support that Oregon has rarely seen.

Come show your support.  There will be chance to honor our senators with awards and special thank you cards to sign.

Also providing a re-cap of the momentous 2019 Legislative Session will be Gregg Clapper, attorney Eric Winters and Taxpayer Association of Oregon Director Jason Williams.