Executive Club: Allen Alley July 1st

Allen Alley_thbKeynote Speaker: Allen Alley
Executive Club Meeting
7:00 pm • Wednesday July 1st
Portland Airport Shilo Inn

A successful entrepreneur, free-market capitalist,husband and father, Republican candidate for Treasurer for a time Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, and he even ran for Governor once already.  But he also served in Kulongoski’s administration as Deputy Chief of Staff. And… drives a Smart Car (isn’t that an oxymoron?)  So, Executive Club, let’s welcome a man who’s got the energy and drive.

A guy who can point out the folly of current policy and new legislation, like a state-run (another oxymoron!) retirement system,higher minimum wages that clobber minority employment, and that crazy make-me-a-felon-please gun transfer law.

Not to mention past folly, like that state-wide land use planning.Or Metro. TriMet. PERS. Unfunded pensions across the state. For crying out loud WES! The Convention Center Hotel!

A candidate who can remind Kate that having Comcast write a letter for her to sign, lobbying for Comcast’s Time-Warner bid, while Comcast donates to her campaigns, isn’t exactly transparent and ethical governance.

A fellow who can remind her that maybe we SHOULDN’T be “first in the nation” in being anti-business, anti-prosperity, anti-civility, anti-employment, while funnelling almost all state spending through partisan union hands.

A man who can remind her that you can’t continue going after every nickel and dime, as if an untaxed penny is wasted on the worker but is needed in Salem.

Then let’s grill him, to see how he can pull Oregon back from the edge of the molten caldera of liberal chaos.

Heaven knows, Oregon can’t take much more of what we’ve got. My toes are already burning. How about yours?

Join us Wednesday night.

~ ~ ~
Portland Airport Shilo Inn ~~ 11707 Northeast Airport Way
Bring a friend! ~~ $20 buffet option ~~ no host bar

And of course, the cigar room, afterward

Next meeting after this: August 5th