Ann Coulter was wrong, and the others too.

Two recent examples, both nationally and locally, showed a new crassness in politics for conservatives.

Ann Coulter’s joke on candidate John Edwards backfired at the Conservative PAC convention. You know it is bad when most of the people missed the punch line, and nothing is remembered but a nasty slur that shouldn’t exist in our vocabulary. It was just stupid, stupid, stupid. By delivering it at a conservative convention it reflected poorly on the entire conference in the most tasteless way. I felt like Coulter was playing us like liberals do when they like to espouse outrageous things just to make themselves look like censor martyrs. The F-slur is wrong and we need to live by the same standards we expect others to live by.

During the same C-PAC weekend I was at a political convention where a skit featured a truly awful joke about Hillary Clinton. The stupid joke was about Hillary’s meal special of two big thighs, two small breasts and one left wing. A few days later the joke re-appeared on a conservative Oregon blog. Watching Republicans go obsessive on slandering politicians for their breast size is truly an awful new low. It makes Republicans look rabid in their bloodlust against Hillary Clinton and that they have no standards. I already had a hard time trying to bring one of my volunteers to the convention this year. She didn’t want to come because she was tired of the profane and lewd jokes featured at the skits. Such crassness does not come without consequences. Republicans and conservatives need to take the high road.

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  • Devietro

    Jason I love ya dearly but I think your overreacting. Well before Ann Coulters presentation everybody knew she was going to say SOMETHING extreme, thats what she does. The skits that happen at many of these gatherings often do cross “acceptable” lines but they are NOTHING compared to what you read online about our president or for that matter what I head about myself from students and faculty at PSU when I reveal my conservative beliefs. I agree we need to take the moral highroad but I think its ok to have a little fun at times too.

  • Jason W.

    So the conventioners got it, but the rest of the country didn’t? Not a good trade-off. I believe we are capable of being comedic and irreverent without the slurs.

  • Lee

    Kudos to Gen. Pace and Ann Coulter for telling it as it is. Conservatives have few enemies more dangerous than the radical homosexual mafia. These groups are clearly hell bent on destroying every last vestige of America’s moral fabric.

    Conservatives will not win elections trying to be more politically correct than liberals. If nuance and feelings are our obsession, we are no better than the leftist manipulators.

    CPAC may not have been the best venue for Coulter’s joke, but we needn’t wring our hands worrying about what homosexuals or their sympathizers think about us.

  • Dan E.

    Jason, I think you are spot-on with your comments. I was pretty horrified when I heard Coulter’s remark, and I remember thinking how such a slur had no place in rational, civil discourse. Many of us, including yourself, have worked in this process for a long time. We hope that we are conducting ourselves with at least a modicum of dignity, and that we are making a positive difference while bringing credit to our side of the debate by the nature of our behavior and interactions.

    Sadly, it seems that Coulter – more as an entertainer than a maker of policy – has highlighted the ever-present feeling that politics all too often caters to the lowest common denominator, and gives the masses the proverbial bread and circus. For every effort made to raise the level of discussion and to treat all people, even our opponents, with respect, it can be undone when we allow an action such as Coulter’s to go unchallenged – especially from our side.

  • Jerry

    Give it a rest you crazies. It was just a joke.

  • Jason Williams

    I would say that the issue is not the behavior of others, but rather our own, and whether we actually have boundries or not.

  • Is Ann Coulter pimping Rudy Giuliani’s drag queen video:

  • Dave A.

    Glad she said it. Edwards deserves whatever is said about this ex-ambulance chaser.

  • Keen Observer

    grow up williams

    too bad you don’t stand up to those who are screwing us daily in salem instead you baby them along so they’ll talk to you. tough love is what’s needed

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