Ineffective Inslee: I tried and failed to arrest Oregon Senate GOP

By Reagan Knopp —

At a campaign rally in Portland, Washington Governor Jay Inslee attempted to boost his presidential campaign nothing that he sought opportunities to arrest Oregon Senate Republicans.

“I want you to know that I looked for a way to arrest your legislators in Washington,” Inslee told the Portland crowd. “I couldn’t find it.”

Jay Inslee (via Courthouse News)

In classic Inslee fashion, his attempts and his tweets had no effect on the HB 2020 walkout by eleven Oregon Senate Republicans last month.

Inslee has focused his presidential campaign on combatting climate change.

During his tenure as Governor, voters in the state of Washington defeated two carbon taxes (2016, and 2018) while voting statewide to re-elect Democrats.

Inslee might think his attempts to arrest Oregon Republicans will net him votes, but it only proves the obvious.

Inslee is Ineffective.