Senate Republicans Walk

SALEM, Ore. – After more than 8-hours of fruitless negotiations late into last night, the Democrats failed to offer a reset on House Bill 2020, cap and trade, breaching the agreement that was originally made to bring Senate Republicans back to the building after the first walkout.

Senate Republicans made the decision to walkout and have left the state to protest cap and trade because it should be referred to the ballot so every Oregonian has a voice.

“Protesting cap and trade by walking out today represents our constituency and exactly how we should be doing our job,” said Senate Republican Leader, Herman Baertschiger, Jr. (R-Grants Pass). “We have endured threats of arrest, fines, and pulling community project funds from the Governor, Senate President and Majority Leader. We will not stand by and be bullied by the majority party any longer. Oregonians deserve better. It’s time for the majority party to consider all Oregonians – not just the ones in Portland.”