Taxpayer champion, Tootie Smith, runs for Clackamas County

Clackamas County Commissioners are a Super Majority, acting just like the Oregon Legislature and are intent on raising your taxes, can’t balance their own budget, while housing costs, homelessness and crime rises.

“Clackamas County is a bell-weather county for Oregon. So goes Clackamas County, so goes Oregon,” said Smith.

“Sometimes we are Republican, sometimes Democrat, but we are always independent – of mind, body and spirit,” said Smith.

Smith is running for the nonpartisan office of Commissioner. She disagrees with the Commission’s vote to pass a Vehicle Registration Fee when voter’s rejected it earlier by 64% in 2016.

She cites the Commission’s failure to balance its own budget in June of 2019, walking away with $8 million deficit while enjoying record tax revenues of $1 billion. “I was always told that was a violation of state budget law,” said Smith, who is currently investigating the legalities of failing to balance their budget.

Clackamas Commission has also supported METRO’s tax increases for two parks levies, housing, and rail transportation. METRO also supports tolling of I-205 through Clackamas County.

“Clackamas County residents want independence from big city policies that bring crime, homeless, and increased taxes to Oregon’s third largest county,” said Smith.

Earlier this year, Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts announced his patrol deputies would not answer calls into Multnomah County because it was too risky. “Our residents want to continue to enjoy their peaceful crime-free places to live, work and play,” said Smith.
Smith mentions the Commission’s desire to build a $230 million Courthouse with little resources to pay for it except a large tax increase on residents. “The plans show a Taj Mahal-like structure that appears to be a vanity project where Commissions can place a bronze plaque with their names enshrined.”

Smith says Commissioners should first balance their budget before spending money they don’t have. Any and all tax increases should be sent to voters for approval.

Smith brings years of state budgetary experience while serving on Ways and Means during her service in Oregon Legislature, was CEO of several corporations, an Executive Director of Oregon Lands Coalition and a newspaper editor.

Tootie Smith is a community activist who loves Clackamas County and Oregon. As a 4th generation Oregon farmer, business owner, author, past elected official, wife and mother, she wants residents to enjoy their future with unrestrained prosperity and independence.