No on 26-203 for Metro’s $475M property tax

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas voters Alert!!!

Vote No on 26-203 for METRO’s $475 million property tax on this November 5th General election.

Did you know that Oregon and Minnesota are the only two states with a METRO regional government?

This “unique” third layer of government robs local control away from cities and counties.

Your property taxes helps fund this 915 employee, $669 million dollar bureaucracy.

METRO has been using your tax dollars to gobble up thousands of acres of private property across Oregon which ends up inflating home prices and robs new young homeowners of available land to start a home. This contributes to why our homeless and affordable housing crisis is bigger in the Portland-area than most of America.

METRO just passed a brand new $660 million property tax increase last year.

Allowing METRO to keep property taxes high while sweeping private land away is basically a vote to create more homeless and higher home prices in order to fund the ever-bloating Metro bureaucracy.

Say No to METRO’s never-ending, land-grabbing property tax increase.

Vote No on 26-203

Get your ballots in by November 5th

The Taxpayer Association is only one of two groups who appear in the Voters Pamphlet opposing Metro’s $475 million tax. If you respect that, then please send us a donation to help our 20 year effort fighting property taxes.