Multnomah’s 55,000 surprise ballot surge

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Oregon was heading towards a near record low voter turn-out and then suddenly 55,000 ballots show up on election day in Multnomah County. The Oregonian reports,

“Nowhere was the throng of last-minute voters more dramatic than in Multnomah County, where 55,000 voters turned in their ballots on Election Day, accounting for more than 30% of votes cast during the 2 ½ weeks that ballots were available.”

This raises several questions.  Was this last minute surge do to ballot harvesting?   Last year, the liberal group harvested ballots and was fined nearly $100,000 for failing to turn-in almost a hundred ballots.

Is this an effective or defective way of voting?

What does this mean for the 2020 Election?

Please provide your thoughts.