8% Low Voter Turn-Out Scare

8% Low Voter turn out scare
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

As of yesterday only 8% of Oregon voters have returned ballots. That is 8% with only one week to go. Far below historical norms.

The Portland Metro area averages is below that 8% with Multnomah County voter turn-out at 7%, Clackamas County turn-out at 6% and Washington County voter turn-out  at 7%.

The low voter turn-out means that many races can swing any direction. It means your vote can have a bigger impact than in previous elections.

It means that key races like Bureau of Labor Commissioner could be up for grabs.  The Taxpayer Association PAC is encouraging voters to elect Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden who would make a profound positive difference in this important state position.

Another factor in the low voter turn-out could be the new motor voter registration where people are compelled to become voters when registering/renewing for a drivers license.

Please spread the word!  Email, Tweet, Link or Facebook this article to others so they can be reminded to turn-in their ballot.  The 8% low voter turn-out means their vote can have a bigger impact with smaller margins of victory.

Please turn in those ballots in the mail today or drop them by to your local library or county election office.