Republican Political Consultant, Chuck Adams Produces Historical Brochure Outlining Success Over 42 Years

51 first time candidates since 1980, primarily for the House and Senate retained Adams and won

By New Media NW —

Chuck Adams, the President of New Media NW has released a new marketing brochure outlining 42 years of success in politics winning elections. In the brochure, Adams list 51 first time candidates for a public office who retained Adams services to run their campaigns and who won. The list is made up of 51 candidates from Oregon and Washington, primarily running for the Oregon and Washington House and Senate positions.  There is a smaller group of county commission, city council and even one US Senate campaign listed.

Notable campaigns include winning the Marie Bell race in 1990 which delivered control of the Oregon House to republicans for the first time in over 20 years. In 2010, Matt Wand also won a long-shot election for the Oregon House from east Multnomah County which also gave the republicans control of the Oregon House after they lost control in 2006. The lone US Senate race was in 1996 when Gordon Smith ran in Senator Mark Hatfield’s vacant US senate seat and won. Adams also handled Smiths successful first State Senate race in 1992.

More recently, Adams ran a state senate campaign in Washington for Barbara Bailey who ran against a powerful long term incumbent, Mary Margaret Haugen.  Bailey won the election helping to give control to the republicans in the Washington Senate for the first time in years.

The 51 successful campaigns outlined in the brochure does not include dozens and dozens of successful elections re-electing incumbent legislators, nor does it include several successful Bond measures like the $92 million dollar bond for Chemeketa Community College, or the $67 million dollar bond to build a new police station in Salem which is currently under construction.

Adams was called on in 2015 by the Douglas County Commissioners to help them with crisis communications management after the horrific shooting at Umpqua Community College which left several people dead. The Commission was bombarded by local and national media which also included a personal visit by then President Barack Obama.

Former Washington Senate President Mark Schoesler said “When I need a win, I go to Chuck Adams because of his winning record.” Salem Police Chief Jerry Moore said, “Chuck Adams provided exceptional guidance on how to educate our community on the need for a new police facility.”

And current Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier said, “It’s been 40 years since a Republican has won the Pierce County Executive position. Our team which included Chuck Adams who helped lead the way, helped us win against all odds.”