Bills to watch this week 3/19/07

Tuesday-March 20

SB 448
Establishes Multicultural Student to Teacher Loan Program to provide education loans to students who agree to teach in Oregon school districts.
(Cultural competency the sequal)

HB 2263
Abolishes Certificate of Initial Mastery and Certificate of Advanced Mastery.

Wednesday March 21

HJR 43
Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to allow voter registration not later than day of election.

SJR 27, 35, 37, 38, 921, 366
All these bills deal with double majority voting requirements in property tax elections.

Thursday March 22

SB 621
Specifies that 80 percent of students enrolled in public charter school be residents of school district within which school is located.

SB 532
Removes restriction on public charter schools offering online courses that 50 percent or more of students in school must reside in school district where school is located.