5 illustrations reveal Oregon’s tax war

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Below are some of the illustrations and charts that the Taxpayer Association created or highlighted to address recent tax threats.

#1. Total taxes passed in 2019: Over $3 billion in new annual taxes passed in 2019.


#2. Oregon government is fat:  Oregon ranks #5 in state spending per capita, #10 on taxes and #6 on the most regulations.


#3. How Carbon Taxes hurt:  As Oregon almost passed a Carbon Tax this year, this chart shows how states with Carbon Tax schemes hurt job growth.



#4. Where Oregon stands:  This Kiplinger magazine chart shows Oregon among the not-friendly tax states.


#5. Carbon Tax = All pain, No gain.  This chart clearly shows how Oregon’s Carbon Tax proposal would have created enormous cost for little results.

Bonus chart: This one shows how California’s and Oregon’s heavy environmental laws are driving up gas prices above the national average.

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