Killing Soleimani vs. Hating Trump

On January 3, 2020, President Donald Trump authorized a drone missile strike intended to kill Iran’s Major General Qasem Soleimani.  It did just that.  Mr. Soleimani was Iran’s chief architect of international terror and managed loosely tied by well coordinated gangs of terrorists found throughout the Middle East, the Philippines, South America (Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, and Honduras) and Cuba.  Today, despite the beliefs of Islamic terrorists worldwide, Mr. Soleimani does not rest in the arms of seventy-two “black-eyed virgins” but rather on the lowest ring of Hell reserved for those engaged in treachery and where Satan himself is said to reside.

The question for you – and let’s for once be honest with ourselves – did you agree or disagree with the action taken by Mr. Trump?  And if you disagreed, was it primarily because you hate Mr. Trump and, therefore, disagree with virtually everything he says or does?  You don’t have to tell anybody, just let the moment wash over you – a moment of clarity, a moment of honesty.
In the immediate aftermath of the drone strike, the Democrat presidential hopefuls, with the possible exception of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and their publicists in the mainstream media, universally condemned the action.  Mostly it was with a dire warning that Mr. Trump had just started World War III and when that didn’t occur they became “deeply concerned” about the constitutional separation of powers.  (With the exception of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) they had to have staff explain that to them and even at that former Vice-president Joe Biden stumbled in his renunciation.)  Ms. Warren – a Harvard law professor – contented herself with raising the issue but quickly moved to the OMG chorus and raised the specter of “Wag the Dog”  – that Mr. Trump did it to distract from his necessary but fruitless impeachment trial in the United States Senate.  In doing so Ms. Warren has proven once again that in a field of hateful crazies she is the most hateful and the craziest.
Let me back up a little.  I don’t put Sen. Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) or Tom Steyer (rich kid) in the same boat as the others.  Mr. Sanders is a Socialist and has long sided with the nation’s enemies (particularly those where totalitarian regimes (Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, etc.) run things) over our own national interests.  And Tom Steyer is upset but that is only because the explosion accompanying the drone strikes contributed to global warming.
The left wing hatred of Mr. Trump is visceral.  It has given rise to the phrase “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”  It has been labeled as a form of neuroses for most but graduates to insanity among Democrat congressional office holders.  I keep asking about its source and I keep getting a variety of answers, all of which are based on Democrat talking points rather than actual facts:
  •   Mr. Trump is a /sexist/misogynist – he is not.  Given the fact that he has included women in his workforce prior to seeking public office and universally reaps praise from those women, it is difficult to sustain that argument.  Yes, he has been married three times and he has cheated on each of his wives but that makes him a cad, not a misogynist – similar to Presidents John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Bill Clinton, and Democrat presidential candidates such as John Edwards and Gary Hart.
  • Mr. Trump is a racist – he is not.  Every allegation of racism against Mr. Trump is based upon media speculation as to his motives for doing or not doing something.  Even when Mr. Trump has condemned racism in general and events in particular, Democrats and their partners in the mainstream media declared them to be inadequate or worse yet – cynical.  In contrast Mr. Trump has done more in three year to lift people of color out of poverty and increase their educational opportunities than the last two Democrat presidents (Mssrs. Clinton and Obama) combined.
  • Mr. Trump is an anti-Semite – he is not.  This allegation is particularly laughable given that both his daughter and son-in-law (both principle advisors to him) are Jewish.  Mr. Trump has boosted aid to Israel, condemned recent attacks on Jews by both Blacks and Whites, and moved to deny federal aid to universities who preach anti-Semitic views.  Meanwhile, Democrats seem to adore Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her Squad all of whom have expressed enmity towards Jews in general and Israel in particular.  The accusation of anti-Semite is, in this case, basically a “projection” of the views of some prominent congressional Democrats.
  • Mr. Trump is an ‘Islamaphobe.”  To the degree that Mr. Trump has taken the tack that he has imposed burdens generally on Islamic nations rather than only specific individuals, he probably does border on being an Islamaphobe.  But he is not unlike the majority of Americans who worry about bringing Islamic terrorism to our shores and who cannot find a rational way to separate the terrorists from those actually seeking refuge.  But even that does not give rise to the level of intense hatred expressed by those on the left.
  • Mr. Sanders has also labeled Mr. Trump a “Xenophobe.”  I doubt that Mr. Sanders actually understands what constitutes a xenophobe – a person who dislikes anyone from a foreign country.  But given that Mr. Sanders tends to blame America for all of the world’s woes without casting blame on anyone else, he might properly be labeled a xenophilic internationalist.
  • He is not crazy, irrational, insane or delusional unless or course disagreeing with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the nitwits who have propelled the Russia collaboration scam and the impeachment proceedings constitutes “insanity.”  Having listened to their explanations, particularly those of Ms. Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) I am much more concerned about their sanity than I am about Mr. Trump’s.  In this regard, Mr. Trump’s “unpardonable sin” is that he didn’t go along with the embedded political crowd of Washington.  That takes courage, not insanity.
  • Mr. Trump is rude.  Got it.  He is a New Yorker and they all tend to push back harder when they are pushed. So when he refers to Crooked Hillary – he isn’t rude; he is just putting an appropriate title on her life’s work.  The same is true with Low Energy Jeb Bush, Creepy Joe Biden, Pocahontas Warren, Crazy Nancy Pelosi, Pencilneck Adam Schiff, and so forth.  For many of us, these sobriquets represent apt descriptions – not rudeness.
By any fair standard Mr. Trump is not a sexist/misogynist, not a racist, not an anti-Semite, not a xenophobe and as an Islamaphobe matches the majority of the nation in his cautions in dealing with Islamic terrorism.  He is not crazy.  He is rude but in the same vein as comedian Don Rickles.
So what is that drives the left to hysteria, engenders such hatred, fosters such irrationality?  I think we are left to conclude that the left was deeply embarrassed that a neophyte beat “the most qualified woman” to ever seek the presidency – Hillary Clinton.  So much so that they have spent three years, millions of tax dollars and countless hours of wasted congressional time trying to find a reason for Ms. Clinton’s loss – a reason other than herself, her sense of entitlement and her decades of using government as a mean to enrich herself.
Again, you don’t have to tell anybody, just let the moment wash over you – a moment of clarity, a moment of honesty.  You know I am right.