Oregon get ready for February Carbon Tax vote

(Billboard in Portland against the Carbon Tax by the Taxpayer Association)
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

During the upcoming February Legislative Session Oregon state lawmakers will be voting on a massive statewide Carbon Tax – also known as Carbon Cap-and-Trade. The Oregonian reports that this $700 million tax will spike both gasoline prices and utility prices;

“In year one, that roughly translates to gas price increases ranging from 19 cents to 72 cents a gallon. By 2030, it’s forecast between 36 cents and $1.45 per gallon… Northwest Natural said the initial bill would result in 13 percent rate increases…”

A 72-cent gas tax increase!

A 13% utility rate increase!

The $700 million tax will be going into an undefined government slush fund and managed by un-elected bureaucrats. The Oregonian is also calling this tax scheme, “one of the most complex and sprawling pieces of legislation ever to come before Oregon lawmakers.”

Here is how the Carbon Tax (cap-and-trade) has worked in California;

That’s right, this Carbon Tax (Cap-and-trade) is massive, complex, sprawling, costly and painful and that is exactly why the politicians chose the super-short February Legislative Session to ramrod it through because they know the February Session is only 35 days and has fewer public hearings and fewer opportunities for the public to participate in the process.

This is why the Taxpayer Association of Oregon is running billboards, lawn signs, cartoons, mailings and social media articles exposing this tax.

Here is how you can help.

– Attend the State Capitol Rally on Thursday Feb. 6th 10:00am, Salem State Capitol steps. Sponsored by TimberUnity. Go to TimberUnity.com for more details, rallies, updates and to contribute to their efforts. They’re awesome!

– Spread the word online!  Facebook Like, Tweet, Link and Email this very article.  Some of our articles have been Liked over 26,000 times and reached 50,000 people.

– Write a brief paragraph on how a big 72-cent gas tax and 13% utility increase will hurt your family or business. We can use your horror story as we lobby lawmakers. Never underestimate the power of your personal story. Email us at [email protected]

-Donate! Donate! Donate! Contribute online at OregonWatchdog.com to fight the tax (also learn about Charitable Tax Dedication or Political Tax Credit options to promote liberty).

The full details of the tax are not out yet and will likely change as the big vote nears.  Because we know so little is just one more reason why ramming this tax down our throats in a short period of time with limited public input is undemocratic and just wrong.  The Taxpayer Association of Oregon first began fighting this Carbon Tax back in 2015 when it became an issue, we can’t afford to lose right now.

Your donation can help fund our billboard, cartoons, mailings and social media outreach.

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