6 new taxes on your home, car, gas, more…

The Oregon Legislature introduces six new tax plans that hit you everywhere.
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

These are the tax increase bills introduced in the 2020 February Oregon Legislature.

1. A 20% Hotel tax increase (HB4047): Raises the state lodging tax by 20%.

2. Car sales tax increase (HB4151): Raises the new motor vehicle sales tax by an unknown amount (a blank percentage) and imposes a one percent tax on electric bills, to pay for increased subsidies of Teslas and other electric cars and more recharging stations for them.

3. Homes sales Tax (HJR203): Gov. Kate Brown’s proposal to impose a new state real estate sales tax (“transfer charge”) on homes sold for more than $500,000, and repeal state preemption of certain local real estate transfer taxes that had been prohibited by voters under Measure 79 in 2012. The taxes would subsidize “affordable housing” as defined by the state.

4. Construction Tax (HB4084): Imposes a new tax (“system development charge”) on construction of apartments or adding units to existing apartments located in rural areas, to provide subsidies for state-defined “affordable housing.”

5. Mattress Bed Tax (SB1564): Allows the Department of Environmental Quality to impose a sales tax (“assessment”) on new mattresses to fund a mandatory mattress “stewardship,” i.e. recycling, program. As an “assessment” rather than a “tax,” the bill may not require a 3/5 majority. Tax bills must start in the House and receive 3/5 majority votes in both the House and Senate.

6. Carbon Tax (72 gas tax and 11% utility rate increase) Legislative Draft LC 19: Sets emission targets and then forces any business that exceeds those emission targets to pay credits into a state slush fund – expected to raise $700 million. Taxing carbon will increase the cost of gasoline and heating utilities. Gasoline prices are expected to rise as much as 72 cents. Heating bills, powered by natural gas, are expected to rise 13% for homes and 53% for businesses.

Speaking of the Carbon Tax….

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