Timber Unity rally floods Capitol

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

People from all over Oregon crowded the steps of the Oregon State Capitol and a long convoy of trucks ran marathons around the city all day in protest of the Carbon Tax Bill (SB 1530, also known as Carbon Cap-and-trade) which is expected to raise gas prices as much as 72-cents and utility prices by 13%.  The rally was sponsored by the awesome folks at Timber Unity.

Here are some people quoted in the media at the rally:

“This was a bad bill last session.
It’s a bad bill this session,”

State Senator Betsy Johnson

“They’re coming off their farms, out of the forests, and driving from hundreds of miles away to put a face to the impact that lawmakers will have if they don’t listen to those of us affected by the policy agendas of special interests.”
Todd Stoffel,
Vice President,
Timber Unity

State Senator Kim Thatcher announced her run for Oregon Secretary of State at the rally:

“It’s not just the loggers, it’s not just the farmers, it’s not just the trucking businesses, it’s all of us. It’s all the way down to every consumer.The costs of all your goods are going to go up in the stores.”
Matt Gourley
MNG Trucking in Scio.

“They cannot put everything on the backs of us.
We employ more Oregonians than bigger industries.
And so we’re fighting,”

Michelle Adame
Salem Small Business Owner



“The people who administer these programs make money,
the government makes money,
everybody else takes it in the shorts.”

Rob Rutherford
Tree farmer

“They want your power,
they want your money,
and they want you to shut up and comply.
Are you going to?”

Shannon Poe,
American Mining Rights Association.

“This cap-and-trade bill is gonna ruin all commercial transportation in the state of Oregon , especially for the farmers and loggers. It’s going to run the fuel price up so high that they can’t afford to move food, equipment, logs, whatever to market.”
Jerry Lackner,
Lyons tree farmer