HJR 203 taxes homes to make them more affordable.

House Joint Resolution 203 taxes homes to make them more affordable.
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

This week the Oregon Legislature held a hearing on a bill to raise taxes on when you sell your home (HJR 203).

Fearing endless taxes on their own homes, voters passed a constitutional amendment blocking higher taxes on home sales known as real estate transfer taxes. Now HJR 203 aims to bust a hole in the tax protections by allowing transfer taxes on homes $500,000 or more. The politicians aim to spend the funds on affordable housing.

HJR 203 is a tax on your house to pay to make housing more affordable.

– Already Oregonians pay higher property taxes on their homes than the average state in America. That helps make them unaffordable.

– Already Oregonians pay high system development charges on their homes. That too makes them unaffordable.

– Already Oregonians have fewer choices to build a house, unlike most states, due to our unique urban growth boundary which limits supply and inflates prices. That also makes housing unaffordable.

Oregonians are now triple-taxed on the construction of their homes, unlike other states, because of our new business sales tax (Corporate Activities Tax) that taxes the same home building materials several times as they pass through the supply chain. That is going to make our homes mor unaffordable.

Now the politicians just wish to raise taxes even higher with HJR 203 taxing people when they sell their homes.

HJR 203 is a referral to the voters as all Constitutional changes require voter approval.

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