Self-serve gas legalized. Should plastic bags be next?

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Due to the coronavirus, the Oregon Fire Marshall suspended the Oregon ban on self-service gas. Cherish your freedom while you can because it only lasts for two weeks until April 11th.

Now we face a problem with the newly enacted 2020 plastic bag ban. Many stores are requiring customers to not bring in reusable bags into the store.  The State of Massachusetts has banned them.  The theory is that reusable bags are more likely to pass on a virus than disposable plastic bags.

Is it time to bring disposable plastic bags back to consumers in Oregon?

Furthermore, do we need to be charging consumers paper-bag charges during an economic shutdown when people are losing their jobs?

Would not a plastic bag help restaurants streamline their take-out costs?

Please comment.

Post-script: Oregon self-service gas has been legal in smaller population counties (under 40,000) in Oregon. This new legalization applies to those remaining counties.

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