Governor funds new Climate jobs while agencies crash for lack of help

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Two days after Oregon Governor Kate Brown declared a coronavirus state of emergency, she then declared a new type of emergency, a climate emergency. Governor Brown backed up this urgent call to action with a bold executive Order (#20-24) which impacts 19 different state agencies and departments. It creates, by sheer Governor power, a handful of new state jobs dedicated to enacting parts of a carbon tax.

While the Governor is diverting existing state dollars to new political Climate jobs…

— The State Employment Department has suffered a meltdown; website crashes, phone line jams, and lacking the manpower to handle the historic surge in jobless.

— The Oregon health Authority is having problems gathering correct information on the actual numbers of state infections.

— The forestry department is falling apart with massive budget losses.

— The Revenue Department has been overwhelmed (before the virus crisis) with implementing one of the nation’s more uniquely crafted billion-dollar bureaucratic Corporate Activities Tax with little guidance on the finer details of who owes the tax and how much it will cost. Businesses are supposed to start writing estimate tax checks this month to the state but they are unable to get clear answers from the Revenue Department.

Here is our humble suggestion:

— Governor Brown should fund priorities over politics.

— Governor Brown should fund emergencies over personal pork programs.

— Governor Brown should not burden 19 state agencies and departments with new rules, but rather unburden them by removing barriers so they can handle the crisis at hand.

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