Media asks “Where is our Governor?”

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More and more Oregon media outlets are questioning where is our Governor and where are we?

KOIN TV-6 stated,

“It’s been four days since the media had the chance to ask Gov. Kate Brown questions about the coronavirus pandemic in Oregon. KOIN 6 News spoke to her on Monday. On Thursday, her office was expected to have media availability, but it was canceled. Throughout the week, the KOIN 6 newsroom has been receiving questions from viewers about why she hasn’t made a recent appearance. Questions like, “Why have we not heard more from Governor Brown?” or “Is Governor Brown going to come on TV to talk more in depth?” and “Do you have more information as to why we are not seeing communication from Governor Brown?”

The media brought attention to Governor Brown’s confusing and unclear decision to interfere with online charter schools ability to keep classing running uninterrupted. It became national news.

Also missing is quality data on where Oregon stands on our infection rate:

the East Oregonian notes:

“State officials don’t trust the data they’ve been providing about Oregon hospitals’ capacity to handle COVID-19 patients, and has stopped providing that information. In response to requests from elected officials and the news media, the Oregon Health Authority and State Emergency Coordination Center recently began releasing the number of patients currently hospitalized with COVID-19, as well as such data as the number of available beds and ventilators. On Thursday, officials stopped providing that information and did not explain why. On Friday, after being asked by journalists, OHA said there were “data quality issues” but declined to give specifics.”

Then there was the plan for the Governor and the Legislature to meet last week in an emergency Legislative Session or at least an emergency gathering of Oregon’s top Legislative leaders. That meeting was canceled.

The question needs to be asked right now, where is our Governor?

Where is the data on Oregon’s infections?

Are we getting worse or getting better on infections?

Small businesses are frozen in an economic hell at this very moment and want to know where they stand and when they can rescue themselves from pending bankruptcy. Will anyone tell them where we stand?

When will the Governor and Legislature meet? Can’t you meet right now to discuss ready-to-implement ideas to save our state from both the virus and the shutdown? Do you not want to even entertain such ideas?

We make this appeal out of a desire to encourage our leaders to identify our mistakes (missing infection data, confusing rules) and move to towards a more open and transparent dialogue on working towards solutions. We are not the only people asking for this, the media is asking as well.

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