Metro’s small business tax is economic suicide!

We urge a No vote on Metro’s tax (26-201) on small business.
Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Don’t raise taxes in an economic crisis!

Front page of the Oregonian March 20, 2020:

“Jobless claims surge 3,200% ”


Unemployment chart:

Jobless claims are surging:


The Portland Tribune warned:

“This is not the time for more taxes…
Raising taxes by that amount [$230 million]
in the face of a global recession is poor public policy.”

Thousands of family-owned restaurants and small local shops are on the brink of closing. They need income to hire people. They need paying customers to keep afloat. The massive 26-210 tax robs small business owners of both their income and their customers.

This tax on both income and business will indeed hit small business. Taxing individuals over $125,000 hits scores of family owned business (like a food carts, coffee stands) that pay their business taxes through their personal income.   Making $125,000 in a small business does not make you a big publicly traded Wall Street firm!

The politicians have plenty of money.

The State of Oregon already has an $84 billion biennial budget and a huge rainy day fund that could be tapped into to help the homeless. The state spends more tax cash per capita than 46 other states. The money is there.

The METRO government already has $680 million in just-approved (2019) property taxes going for affordable housing to help the homeless. Now they want more?

It comes too late.

The Portland Tribune (3/20/20)said the tax

“would not even be collected until 2021.
So, in fact, this measure would do nothing to address the immediate 2020 crisis.”

The damage caused will be lifelong.

The #1 poverty cure is a job—why tax jobs?

The small businesses owners destroyed by 26-210 will become homeless, bankrupt, or on welfare.

The family restaurants destroyed by 26-210 will be replaced by low-wage corporate chain restaurants.

Vote No on Measure 26-210

Don’t throw more local businesses into bankruptcy with a massive tax increase

To prevent the expected 20% unemployment rate, businesses need money—not taxes.


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