Gov. Brown draft includes 10pm restaurant curfew?

Do Oregon restaurants need a 10pm curfew?

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The latest draft of Governor Brown’s business re-oping guidelines includes a rule limiting restaurants and bars to closing by 10pm. Other draft rules include limiting seating capacity cleaning seating locations between customers and masks for employees.

Businesses need more guidance on the rationale behind the 10pm curfew.

For instance, if the new rule is going to limit customers, then many customers may not have a chance to support their local restaurant if you block the time they can attend.

If the goal is to limit crowding, then you want businesses to allow more time to spread out those customers.

What about all those restaurant employees who finish their 10pm shift. Do they not have the right to visit a restaurant? What about employees who work graveyard shift?

Allowing restaurants flexibility on time allows them to better enact social distancing options, increase revenue and serve a population of employees being left out.

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