In shutdown, big business poaches workers from smaller ones

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

An Oregon small business owner recently shared with us that they are not only experiencing the loss of customers but they are suffering from a loss of workers being hired out by larger companies who have a wider customer base. Losing longtime trained workers to your competitor is a devastating blow to small smaller businesses.

The disproportionate nature of the shutdown rules also hurt small businesses. For instance, a family owned furniture store is forced to stay closed but customers can buy their furniture in a big box retailer like Fred Meyers, which is allowed to remain open.  A family owned greeting card store cannot open, but people can buy them online. An independent contractor masseuse is forced to be closed, but a larger massage business connected to a chiropractor or rehab office will be open.

This is just more evidence on the escalating problems of a prolonged shutdown as we enter into it’s fourth new month of operation.  We need to get Oregon back open (safely) as soon as possible.  And we need to rescue small business owners will the tax relief and regulatory relief that will keep them alive.


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