12 lessons from quarantine travel. What Oregon can expect.

(Photo: Ex-Gov. Vic Atiyeh statue at PDX airport)
Taxpayers Association of Oregon


1. Airline booking is slowly rising, there’s a surge of bookings in July.

2. Even airport lobbies are disinfected with a fogger

3. Buildings urged 3 people per-elevator (except for families).

4. The hotel overturned every single piece of lobby furniture so guests could not share any touched space in the lobby.

5. Everyday items like pens, have their own sanitized & used buckets

6. The hotel chain I visited cancelled all daily room service, even asked people to put trash outside their door if they desired trash removal.

7. Hotels appear to be 50% off.

8. Hotels are letting rooms sit unused for days between customers.

9. Airports have installed new vending machines for personal protective gear.

10. Delta airlines handed everyone sanitizer wipe packets as they entered the plane so they could wipe down their own seat (even though they were already cleaned).
(Photo: Some flights are at 20% capacity)

11. Uber drivers are independent contractors and find it harder to claim unemployment than standard workers. (Photo: McClarran airport waiting line for Uber drivers, completely empty)

12. Restaurants that have been opened for weeks are having a hard time getting the word out that they are open.  They are seeing around 20% capacity.


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