Politics Cancels Finding Solutions to the China Pandemic

There’s battle lines being drawn
Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
Young people speaking their minds
Getting so much resistance from behind

For What It’s Worth
Buffalo Springfield (1966)

The Misery Index in America is rising. High unemployment, severe limitations on activities, and an endless chant of death and dying in the media – all due to the China virus pandemic – are taking their toll. But the worse part of it is that all of this imposed misery does not seem to be working.

Seemingly every day, this governor or that governor turns the screws down on the general public and yet the number of diagnosed cases keeps rising. (I mean they turn the screws down on everything but left wing political demonstration and rioting) Facemasks are mandated for virtually everything but entering your own home and even though more people are wearing masks, more people are being diagnosed with the coronavirus. Now there is a nationwide movement to keep schools closed for the foreseeable future which just about breaks the back of most single parent families as well as many dual working parent families. Frankly, every way you turn there is some element of government holding you back and screaming at you about the danger you are either in or causing others – it’s a nightmare from which there is no relief.

It gets worse.

Treatments for those who have been diagnosed have been politicized with anything having been mentioned favorably by President Donald Trump being instantly – and without any science – condemned by the politicians, the media and the medical professionals owing allegiance to progressives before patients. Even the prospective cures and/or preventive vaccines being developed are cheered by some but pessimized by others as being too distant in the future.

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you’re always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away

Theories abound as to the reasons. There is one theory that suggests that the Democrats and their allies in the press and the social media want to cause as much grief as possible in order raise the misery index and insure the defeat of Mr. Trump and the Republican party in congressional races.

There is another theory that this response is the best we can expect given the murderous effects of decisions by Democrats in New York, New Jersey, California, Washington, etc. where Democrat governors forced retirement homes and graduated care facilities to accept patients already diagnosed with the China virus thus spreading its deadly effects among the most vulnerable.

There is another theory that the so-called experts (Drs. Fauci, Birx, and other lab coat wearing talking heads) don’t really know what they are doing and keep recycling general mandates that haven’t worked to date because they don’t know how to parse the information they have into more targeted – and thus more effective – guidance. (For those of you forced to endure a teachers union led education in the Portland public schools that means you don’t have to shut down the entire country because of a problem in an isolated area – think Portland metro vs. the rest of the state.)

There is yet another theory that introduction of the COVID-19 virus was intentional as a “trial run” by China and that the politicians (Republican and Democrats alike) don’t want to consider it because the consequences of recognizing China as a “terrorist” nation are so staggering.

So, who is right? Well frankly to a degree they are all right and that is the point.

There is no question that the Democrats – particularly former Vice-president Joe Biden (D) – are benefiting from a rising misery index. Historically that has been true. It is also true that most Americans believe that the repressive measure imposed upon them are the doing of Mr. Trump when, in fact, Mr. Trump lacks the constitutional authority to impose them. It is, in fact, the governors of the states exercising their emergency authorities – sometimes in excess of their authority – who are directly responsible. If you live in Oregon and you don’t like the fact that the public schools will not open this Fall, you need to call Governor Kate Brown – not Mr. Trump. To some degree the excessive exercise of that authority by the governors of Washington, Oregon, and California is puzzling. There isn’t a chance of a snowball in hell that Mr. Trump is going to carry any of those states but these governors continue to run in lockstep with the Democrat National Committee and Mr. Biden’s presidential campaign. It’s basically, to hell with voters, to hell with the children, to hell with the economy – politics comes first, last and always.

Likewise, there is support for the theory that the incompetence demonstrated by Democrat governors is the best we can expect. Those most guilty of failing their people are the first ones to lecture us about getting used to the “new normal.” By doing so they acquit their responsibilities for the deaths they imposed by foolish decisions.

The theory that Drs. Fauci, Birx and other do not what they are doing maybe a little over the top but the fact that they have not deviated from their initial theories despite acquisition of tons of data suggest that they are more wedded to not being judged wrong than they are moving toward alternative solutions.

And finally, I doubt that China deliberately created and released the COVID-19 virus. However, once released, China took every precaution to limit its domestic spread outside of Wuhan province by barring internal travel from Wuhan to the rest of China. At the same time China kept silent about the virus while leaving international travel from Wuhan worldwide. And China began a significant monitoring of other countries’ responses and the effects on their economies – particularly those in the United States. It may not have been intended as a trial run but the information gathered was not different than it would have been if it is was an intentional dispersion.

And again, that defines the point. The politicians are so polarized that they refuse to even consider any other opinion or alternative than their own. Instead they spend an extraordinary amount of energy discrediting the views of others. And worse yet, even when presented with evidence of error or failure, refuse to change. The fault lies solely with the politicians, a media that traffics in rumor, innuendo and endless speculation, and the health professional who have sold their souls to politics at the expense of science.

And the worse part of it is that it appears that there is virtually nothing you can do about it. If you are a victim of COVID-19 and you want to use every available resource you will find that the government has created roadblocks – they have banned the use of this drug, shut down insurance covering that treatment, denied funding to another procedure. And they have done it not by following the science but by manipulating or parsing the science.

It’s a mess. No, it’s more than a mess. It is a signal that a small group of people and businesses wield undue influence in America to the detriment of the majority. In rank order they are the politicians, the complicit mainstream media, and the progressive dominated social media industry. But we are not without resources. If you want a democracy you have to take it back from those who are so bold as to try to steal it from you in the broad daylight.

Register, learn, vote and most of all do not be intimidated by those who seek to silence any voice but their own.

“The democratic tendency… leads men unceasingly to multiply the privileges of the state and to circumscribe the rights of private persons… often sacrificed without regret and almost always violated without remorse… men become less and less attached to private rights just when it is most necessary to retain and defend what little remains of them.”

Alexis de Tocqueville