Oregon 8th most restrictive state! …Yet, Gov. expands mask mandate.

Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The new expanded mask mandate now applies to all workplaces, both private and public, all education facilities, both schools and colleges, all outdoor places (farmers markets, parks, etc.) where people may be 6 feet from each other.

The Health Authority is also discouraging people from wearing face shields instead of face masks.

Wallet Hub rated Oregon as the #8th most restrictive state for COVID-19 rules (technically the 42nd least least restrictive)

#10 Pennsylvania 34.17
#9 District of Columbia 33.93
#8 Oregon 32.92
#7 Arizona 30.98
#6 Colorado 30.71
#5 New Jersey 29.85
#4 Maine 29.35
#3 Massachusetts 24.88
#2 California 21.73
#1 Hawaii 17.92

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