Gov. Brown plans 800% beer, wine tax increase

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

It was just two years ago, that Governor Kate Brown got caught trying to hide a massive beer, wine and cider tax.

As reported in Forbes magazine, This time the Oregon Health Authority is planning a nearly 800% beer, wine and cider tax increase to help pay for tax revenue losses due to COVID-19.   The tax proposal would be taken up for a vote during the 2021 Legislative Session that begins in January.

  • Governor Brown and politicians just raised the beer, wine, liquor license tax up by 300% last year
  • There is a $175 million tobacco, vaping, cigar tax on the November ballot
  • Much of the entire beer, wine industry is either barely making money or losing money during the shutdown
  • Oregon is the nation’s #8 most restrictive lock down state.

This tax plan is absolutely terrible and must be stopped!

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