Serious questions arise over the ballot counting

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Wall Street journal Reports,

The campaign also filed legal actions in Pennsylvania on Wednesday to protect Republican poll watchers and to ensure that certain first-time voters provide missing proof-of-identification in a timely fashion.
In Michigan, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit seeking to halt the counting of absentee ballots, alleging that local election officials were violating state law by proceeding without election inspectors present from both parties.
In Georgia, the campaign, along with state Republicans, filed a suit in Chatham County, asking a judge to ensure that mail-in ballots arriving after the state’s 7 p.m. Election Day deadline won’t be counted. The complaint cited a GOP poll watcher who questioned whether late ballots at his location were being mixed in with timely ones.

The NY Post reports,

“An error in data used by a consortium of major news outlets wrongly said Wednesday that 98 percent of ballots had been counted in Arizona, despite the fact that an estimated 14 percent or more remained to be tallied.The incorrect figure distributed by Edison Research to TV outlets, news wire Reuters and print outlets such as The Post made President Trump’s fate seem sealed in the state, where he trails Democrat Joe Biden by more than 3 percentage points.”

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