Rumor: Gov. Brown to leave for a Biden administration?

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Rumors are swirling among lobbyists that a Joe Biden presidency might include choosing Oregon governor Kate Brown to serve in his administration especially since Brown’s Chief of Staff just joined the Biden transition team. Governor Brown might serve EPA chair according to one suggestion.

If this happens, it means that newly elected Secretary of State Shamia Fagen would then become Oregon’s governor. This creates a vacancy in the Secretary of State which would then be filled by Shemia Fagan as the new governor.

These rumors were similar to 2016 when it was suggested that Hillary might choose Governor Kate Brown to fill in her administration. Both Biden endorsed Kate Brown in 2018 and Brown endorsed Joe Biden in his run for presidency.

This is just insider rumor and a premature rumor even before the election certification process has yet to be completed and legitimate election lawsuits and recounts are undergoing as we speak, but worth forecasting in advance.

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